AJ has delivered events and trainings to thousands of audiences over time. He is certified by international organizations in his craft and had more than a decade of experience under his belt. And in the process, perfected his understanding of what it takes to make a successful learning event fitted to any organization.

  • Why invite aj as a Facilitator for your trainings / team building?

    1. AJ's original training is in Organizational Development and he is a current practitioner of this discipline. He graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines with a degree of BA Organizational Communication and had his masters at the same university with Developmental Communication.

    2. Besides the usual training subject matters, AJ is well-trained and will utilize a scientific approach called Neuro-semantics and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that is a proven way to reach the core of the thinking of your employees that will really move them to action on all their realizations. These technologies are used by big companies around the world to enhance their employee effectiveness. 

    3. AJ has been trained by industry experts and is constantly updated with today's organizational trends and practices.

  • 1. AJ is very funny from start to finish. People love the way their information is wrapped in humor. Every bit of humor leads to a lesson that applies in business and life.

    2. AJ is a master storyteller because he gives powerful stories. Science has proven that we don’t take any action without having a visual image first, and that our thoughts are not stored as words, but as images. Therefore, data (facts, information, lessons) will not have an impact on your listener until it is wrapped in an image. Stories are images. 


    Teaching through stories allows your audience to do more than just be told information (which they can’t process or have an emotional connection to). Stories allows them to test drive the truth, come to their own conclusions, see the lesson as it applies to real life, trust the teacher, and have that lesson buried deep into their hearts to later access and apply. Stories does the work. AJ doesn’t tell stories just because they sound good. He uses them to teach in a way that has a lasting impact.

    3. AJ's talks centers on a call to action. No matter what AJ’s business topic, there is always an underlying message to motivate the audience to want to act on this new information. Telling them what they should do is not the same as making them want to do it. AJ’s motivation is all about making people feel important to the bottom lines of their organizations. People want to know they matter, and they want to know that they are part of something bigger than their job description. He doesn’t just focus on the “what” they need to do, but on the “why”  they need to do it.

    Why Invite AJ as a Resource / Motivational Speaker in your Event

  • Why Invite AJ as Your Retreat/ Recollection FAcilitator

    1. AJ makes sure that the spiritual retreats (or recollections) that he facilitates is strongly guided by the teachings of the Church. AJ is constantly in touch and seeks guidance from his priest-consultants and theologian-academics to make sure that his retreat modules are in consonance with Church teachings.

    2. AJ will not only focus on the spiritual aspects but also the psycho-emotional well being of the retreatant. He will utilize scientific tools in the retreat like Meta-coaching, Neuro-semantics and Neuro Linguistic Programming so that a clearer and better result will be achieved by the retreat.


    3. AJ makes sure that differences in religion should not be an issue. AJ makes sure that he can reach out to everyone in his talks. One of the foundations, he believes, is the participation of everyone of any faith and to avoid divisive debates. AJ believes it’s best to focus what unites us: God's Love for us. He believes the Lord is a God of inclusion, not of alienation.

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  • Why Invite AJ as your Retreat/ Recollection Facilitator

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is one of the most sought after speakers in the Philippines today. He conducts trainings, team-buildings, retreats and recollections all over the country. He is a Life Meta-coach and a NLP Master Practitioner.

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